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We service Central Florida including:

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St. Augustine Grass

In the realm of sod Florida, “St. Augustine” is a hardy king. The name is used interchangeably for a broad variety of grasses, and all share the tenacity for high summer temperatures that make this an ideal sod selection for the Sunshine State. Read below to discover some of the highlights of this grass.

-Insects that consider St. Augustine grass to be a hearty meal include the Southern lawn cinch bug, a pest that feasts on Florida sod. Found nearly year-round on lawns from Tampa to Ocala, the cinch bug can be eradicated with routine pest control. Infested lawns are easy to spot – look for dry patches in areas that receive full sun.

-Manage it well, and St. Augustine grass will flourish on your lawn. Mow, fertilize and water correctly to gain a lush landscape. Before hiring a lawn service to maintain your grass, make sure they are fully versed in the requirements of your particular type. Like other grasses, the growth of St. Augustine is dependent on nutrient availability as well as temperature and moisture. Select a service with professionals who understand the needs of the grass year-round.

Bahia Grass

Bahia Grass was imported into the southern United States over 70 years ago from South America. Bahia is grown in cow pastures across the state and is used primarily as a ground cover. Bahia grass is drought tolerant making it ideal for the sides of highways and roads. With proper care, Bahia can be made into a lawn.

Empire Zoysia Grass

Leave Zoysia to fend for itself in the midst of a drought, and you have a good chance of it continuing to live. A superb container of moisture, Zoysia has saved countless homeowners who sporadically irrigate from completely killing their lawns. It is also tolerant of salt, as long as the area is well-drained. To achieve the best results from Zoysia, remember:

-Empire Zoysia is resistant to drought and acts like a native Floridian: it does not like the cold.

-Mow often – and mow closely. Lawns that feature Zoysia in full sun conditions should be mowed every 5-7 days.

-Grub worms are a Zoysia’s biggest enemy. To eradicate them, be sure to monitor the soil throughout the summer and fall, and if you see the pests, immediately apply an insecticide.

Bermuda Grass

From golf courses to football fields, Bermuda grass is ideal for most athletic surfaces. With its specialized maintenance needs, however, Bermuda grass is not recommended for most homes.

Select your grass carefully – and enlist a qualified team to install it.