We offer the following outdoor lighting services:

  • Consulting – Millennium Lawn and Landscape Inc. is pleased to work as a consultant on all types of commercial or residential lighting projects.
  • Design – Our design staff has over twenty years of award winning experience creating custom outdoor lighting systems on a variety of projects.
  • Night Set – After we install an outdoor lighting system, we will return in the evening to “fine tune” the project. Your new lighting system will be adjusted in order to bring out the subtleties of the architectural and landscape elements.
  • Maintenance – Millennium  can professionally maintain your outdoor lighting. We can schedule a regular program of preventive care to maintain your lighting systems optimum appearance.

We also offer a wide variety of ornamental fixtures, from pole lighting to wall sconces. All of our products, both line and low voltage, are all custom, commercial grade fixtures with warranties from a broad spectrum of manufacturers.

Outdoor Lighting Products

We are proud to offer commercial and professional-grade lighting
from Alliance Outdoor Lighting. These durable and efficient
lighting components can be used for:

  • landscape lighting
  • garden lighting
  • path illumination
  • accent lighting
  • sign lighting
  • wall lighting
  • deck and dock lights
  • sports complex lights
  • specialty illumination
  • security lights
  • utility lighting
  • street lights
  • parking lot lighting
  • Up-lighting and Down-lighting in trees (moonlighting)
  • architectural and building lighting
  • fountains and underwater light fixtures
  • long range projection lights



Key Benefits of the Service

Having beautiful and reliable lights for your landscape is essential. In Florida we pride on our beautiful landscape, so why not make sure it looks top notch even at night.